N.E. Distributors Co. is a wholesaler of German designed pre-fabricated orthotics, arch supports, and accommodative comfort shoe insoles.  All of our products are manufactured in Europe and are covered with high quality genuine leather.boot  As a wholesaler, our products are sold exclusively to medical professionals to dispense to their patient's during office visits to ensure proper sizing and product selection.  N.E. Distributors Co. was created in 1996 by Klaus Schreiner who has over 50 years of experience managing various shoe manufacturing operations throughout the world.  Klaus was born in Germany where he attended the highly renowned Schuhfachschule in Pirmasens before coming to the US in 1958.

N.E. Distributors is a family owned and operated business. Eric Schreiner (Klaus's son) joined the business in 2000 and brings 20 years of experience in Quality Assurance & Manufacturing from the Medical Device and Biopharmaceutical industries.

Our mission is to provide medical professionals with a cost effective, high quality product for in-office dispensing.

Medical professionals interested in our products can email us at sales@nedistributors.com or call us directly at (717) 951-0276.   Our wholesale price list and ordering information will be provided upon confirmation of your business location. We look forward to the opportunity to support your business and your patient's needs with our products.